2018 09 Value Investing Newsletter by Quant Investing / Your Stock Investing Newsletter - Tim du Toit

2018 09 Value Investing Newsletter by Quant Investing / Your Stock Investing Newsletter

By Tim du Toit

  • Release Date: 2018-09-04
  • Genre: Personal Finance


Value Investing Newsletter - Quant Investing
Issue 2018 09

Do you have limited time, want to invest in stocks but don't know what to buy?
Do you want to make a long-term profits by investing in a portfolio of good performing companies?
Then our Quant Value Newsletter is just what you need!

On the first Tuesday every month this newsletter gives you easy to understand instructions on exactly what to buy and what to sell!

Download the sample to immediately see what values are used to select the shares!

This is how the newsletter can help you:
1. If you regularly have money that you want to invest:
All stock recommendations can be made if you have around €2,000 to invest. So save up to €2,000 and buy one or two of the up to 6 investment ideas for your portfolio - this works very well to give you an idea of what investing in shares is all about and can start immediately. Then you simply continue to follow the newsletter's instructions: Sell a stock when it says "sell" and buy a new investment when it says "buy".

2. If you have €100,000 or more you want to invest:
Then you simply take a look at our three portfolios and you can immediately start buying really interesting stocks for your portfolio.

Important general rules (also apply outside the newsletter):
1. Trailing stop loss: To prevent you from selling shares before it's too late use the following rule: always sell when the current stock price falls over 20% from the highest price since the stock was recommended. This means your worst case loss is 20%.
2. Buy as soon as possible after our recommendation and always try to buy as close as possible to the price recommended. Small differences do not matter, but large ones are to be avoided.
3. You can make your own buy & sell decisions anytime you want. The newsletter is a good guide the publishers use to invest their own money.
4. Each share is audited monthly and again after one year. So don't miss our newsletters.